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          Agendas and Minutes
          Calendar of Events
          Census Data
          Community History
               Historic Photo Gallery
          Local Websites
          Media Links
          Munn Avenue Improvement Project
          New Residents
               Contacting City Hall
               Dog Licenses/ Leash Law
               Driver Examinations
               Paying Taxes
               Trash Hauling & Composting
               Vehicle Licenses
               Water and Sewer Service
          Oak Hill Cemetery
               Oak Hill Cemetery Map
          Pride of Maryville
               Adopt a Neighborhood
                    Adopt a Neighborhood Guidelines
               Beautification Awards Program
                    Beautification Award Winners - 2010
                    Beautification Award Winners - 2011
                    Beautification Award Winners - 2012
               Maryville in Bloom
               Neighbors Helping Neighbors
          Public Art
          Public Library
          South Main Street Traffic Corridor Study
               South Main Traffic Survey
          Things to Do
               Calendar of Events
               Maryville Community Center
               Mozingo Golf
               Parks and Recreation
          City Clerk
          City Manager
               City Manager's Reports
               Budget & Financial Reports
          Human Resources
               Employee Benefits
                    Benefit Providers
               Employment Opportunities
               Information for Current Employees
               Organizational Chart
          Maps (Geographic Info Systems)
          Maryville Community Center
          Mozingo Lake Recreation Park
               Mozingo Lake Lodge
          Municipal Court
               Paying Tickets
          Parks & Recreation
               Aquatic Center
                    Hours & Info
                    Passes and Rentals
                    Swim Lessons
                    Swim Team
                    Classes & Info
                    Mini Triathlon
                    Personal Trainers
               Forms & Online Registration
               League Schedules & Brackets
               Maryville Community Center
                    2016 Brochure
                    Child Watch
                    Coffee/Shake Shop
                    Hours & Info
                    Membership Prices
                    Rental Information
               Trails System
          Public Safety
               Administrative Division
               Ambulance Service
               Business Contact Information Form
               Car Seat Safety and Inspection
               Compliment Officer/Employee
               Fire Division
                    Fire Apparatuses
                    Keep Fire Safety on the Front Burner
                    Kids Corner
                    Open Burning Regulations
               Frequently Asked Questions
               House Watch Request
               Important Links
               Missouri Sex Offender Registery
               Mozingo Lake Patrol
                    Park Rules & Regulations
               Patrol Division
                    A Few Notes on Traffic Safety
               Police Blotter 2016
                    2015 Police Blotter Reports
                    Community Crime Mapping 2016
                         2015 Crime Mapping
               Public Safety 101 Newsletter
               Regional Road Conditions
               School Resource Officer
               Traffic Complaint Form
          Public Works
               Code Enforcement
               Street Department
               Water and Sewer Maintenance
               Water and Waste Water Treatment
          Semi Annual Fin Report Sept 2015
          Staff Directory
          Trash Hauling & Composting
          Water and Sewer Billing
               .Automatic Payment Program
               .Online Bill Pay
               Detailed Sewer Rates
               Detailed Water Rates
               Detecting Water Leaks in Your Home
               Payment Options
          Bids & RFPs
          Boards and Commissions
               Airport Board
               Board of Code Appeals
               Board of Zoning Adjustments
               City Tree Board
               Housing Advisory Board
               Maryville Public Art Committee (MPAC)
               Mozingo Advisory Board
               Nodaway County Extension Board
               Parks and Recreation Board
               Planning & Zoning Commission
          Calendar of Events
          Codes and Ordinances
               Adopting Ordinance
               Public Input
               Title 1. Government Code
                    Chapter 100 General Provisions
                    Chapter 105 Administration
                    Chapter 110 Administrative Boards
                    Chapter 112 Conflicts of Interest
                    Chapter 115 Municipal Court
                    Chapter 117 Open Meetings and Records Policy
                    Chapter 120 Tree Planting
                    Chapter 125 Municipal Airport
                    Chapter 130 City Cemetery
                    Chapter 135 Park Rules And Regulations
                    Chapter 140 Retirement System
                    Chapter 145 Taxation
                    Chapter 150 Procurement Policy
               Title II. Public Health, Safety and Welfare
                    Chapter 200: Department of Public Safety
                    Chapter 205: Animals and Fowl
                    Chapter 210: Offenses - Articles I-VI
                    Chapter 210: Offenses - Articles VII-XII
                    Chapter 212: Mozingo Park Regulations (Part I)
                    Chapter 212: Mozingo Park Regulations (Part II)
                    Chapter 212: Mozingo Park Regulations (Part III)
                    Chapter 215: Nuisances
                    Chapter 217: Abandoned Property
                    Chapter 220: Solid Waste, Recyclables and Compost
                    Chapter 225: Fire Code
                    Chapter 230: Fireworks
                    Chapter 235: Smoking Prohibited in all Workplaces
                    Chapter 240: Fair Housing
               Title III. Traffic Code
                    Chapter 300: General Provisions
                    Chapter 305: Traffic Administration
                    Chapter 310: Enforcement and Obedience To Traffic
                    Chapter 315: Traffic Control Devices
                    Chapter 320: Speed Regulations
                    Chapter 325: Turning Movements
                    Chapter 330: One-Way Streets and Alleys
                    Chapter 335: Stop And Yield Intersections
                    Chapter 340: Miscellaneous Driving Rules
                    Chapter 342: Alcohol-Related Traffic Offenses
                    Chapter 345: Pedestrians' Rights And Duties
                    Chapter 350: Method of Parking
                    Chapter 355: Parking Prohibitions
                    Chapter 360: Stopping For Loading or Unloading Onl
                    Chapter 365: Stopping, Standing or Parking Restric
                    Chapter 370: Vehicle Equipment
                    Chapter 373: Trucks
                    Chapter 375: Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles
                    Chapter 377: Snowmobiles
                    Chapter 379: Skateboards
                    Chapter 380: Licensing Requirements
                    Chapter 385: Abandoned Vehicles
               Title IV. Zoning
                    Chapter 400: Zoning Commission
                    Chapter 405: Zoning Code - Articles I-II
                    Chapter 405: Zoning Code - Articles III-IV
                    Chapter 405: Zoning Code - Articles V-VII
                    Chapter 410: Subdivision Regulations
                    Chapter 415: Establishment of the Board of Zoning
                    Chapter 420: Flood Plain Management
                    Chapter 425: Tax Increment Financing
                    Chapter 435: Wireless Infrastructure Facilities
               Title V. Building and Construction
                    Chapter 500: General Provisions
                    Chapter 505: Housing Code
                    Chapter 510: Building Code
                    Chapter 511: Property Maintenance Code
                    Chapter 512: Residential Code
                    Chapter 515: Plumbing Code
                    Chapter 520: Mechanical Code
                    Chapter 522: Fuel Gas Code
                    Chapter 525: Electrical Code
                    Chapter 530: Dangerous and Unsafe Buildings
                    Chapter 535: Moving of Buildings
                    Chapter 540: Demolition of Buildings
                    Chapter 545: Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks
                    Chapter 550: Excavations
                    Chapter 555: Signs and Advertising
                    Chapter 560: Storm Water Management
               Title VI. Business and Occupation
                    Chapter 600: Alcoholic Beverages
                    Chapter 605: Retail Sales of Cigarettes
                    Chapter 610: Tattooing, Body Piercing and Branding
                    Chapter 615: Solicitors and Canvassers, Peddlers a
                    Chapter 620: Franchise Agreement
                    Chapter 625: Telephone Company
                    Chapter 630: Video and Cable Services Providers
                    Chapter 635: Adult Entertainment Business
                    Chapter 640: Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire
               Title VII. Public Utilities
                    Chapter 700: Combined Waterworks and Sewerage Syst
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article I
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article II
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article III
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article IV
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article V
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article VI
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article VII
                    Chapter 705: Water and Sewer - Article VIII
                    Chapter 710: Sewers - Discharge of Non-Industrial
                    Chapter 715: Sewers - Articles I-V
                    Chapter 715: Sewers - Articles IV-XI
          Comprehensive Plan
               CTRIP-Campus Town Redevelopment Incentive Program
          Current Projects
          Document Center
          DREAM Initiative
               Contacts Page
               Downloads Page
               DREAM Newletters
               HeRO Program
               Other Assistance Programs
          Elections and Voting
          Forms and Applications
          Mayor and Council
          Mission and Values
          Press Releases
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               Personal Property Taxes
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               ADA Accommodations
               Codes and Ordinances
               Open Bids & RFPs
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          Apply For
               City Jobs
               Water Service
               City Council
               City Staff
               Boat Passes
               Dog License
               Driver's License
               Vehicle License
               Personal Property Taxes
               Real Estate Taxes
               Traffic Tickets
               Water Bills
               ADA Accommodations
               Codes and Ordinances
               Open Bids & RFPs


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