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A Few Notes on Traffic Safety

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The combination of rising gas prices and the beginning of the school year means many more people are using alternative forms of transportation, including bicycles and walking. In addition, an increasing number of people are using scooters, mopeds and other smaller vehicles.Here are some tips to make your trips safe and productive.


Safety, not speed, is the highest consideration in traffic law. Good summaries of bicycle and pedestrian safety are available online.The key to safety is awareness, anticipation, and a knowledge of the capabilities of your vehicle (or yourself, in the case of pedestrians).The Missouri state laws should be familiar to all operators.


Pedestrians' rights and responsibilities are detailed in Maryville's city ordinances. Although pedestrians often have the right of way, a defensive posture is best to avoid being struck by a vehicle.


According to city and state laws, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities (see Section 375.040) as other vehicles. If you are taking up bicycle commuting, considerations include equipment, routes, weather gear and locks. Check out Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips.Every person operating a two-wheeled vehicle (motorized or not) should know how to avoid getting hit by cars.And always wear a helmet.

Mopeds & Scooters

Here's a survival guide to operating mopeds, but it's also applicable to bicycles and motorcycles.


Yes, skateboards are vehicles too!

Automobile Drivers

Drivers should be familiar with laws governing their own vehicles and also with those governing pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and other vehicles. "Share the road" is not just a saying, it's the law. In general, it's wiser (and much cheaper) to avoid accidents completely, and the easiest way to do this is by reducing speed and being alert. This approach, known as "defensive driving," stresses being aware of potential problems and addressing them proactively.

The speed limit throughout Maryville is 25 mph, except where posted otherwise, and those limits are enforced. Avoid distracted or impaired driving. Distractions include eating, cell-phones, and texting.

Tips for driving and maintaining your car in all four seasons are available at many websites.

Pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles are not as visible as other cars, and impacts are often more disastrous.  

Learning to Drive

Many high schools offer driver education courses, which can lower insurance rates. It's often a good idea to also learn how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.