City of Maryville

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Open Burning Regulations



The City of Maryville requested feedback from citizens related to open burning regulations and received comments from individuals representing several perspectives. Consequently, the Maryville City Council modified the ordinance related to open burning (Chapter 225).

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Firstly, the ordinance reduces the size of the allowed burn pile from 800 to 200 cubic feet. Burn piles larger than 200 cubic feet will require a permit from Public Safety.
  • Secondly, open burning will now be allowed only during three (3) two-week periods per year:
  • Spring: April 1 – April 13
  • Summer: July 17 – July 31
  • Fall: October 24 – November 6
  • Thirdly, the minimum diameter for water hoses extended to fire will be required to be 5/8-inch, rather than 3/4-inch.

The full text of Chapter 225 is available online.