City of Maryville

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CTRIP-Campus Town Redevelopment Incentive Program
The City of Maryville is committed to fostering redevelopment within an area defined as Campus Town by encouraging the demolition of sub-standard and dilapidated structures and construction of new buildings. To this end, the City has established the Campus Town Redevelopment Incentive Program to assist in eligible projects.

The program assists property owners by potentially eliminating tipping-fees for demolition debris on all structures within the geographic boundaries cited herein.

Requirements of the Program
  • Complete Campus Town Overlay Incentive Program application
  • Applicant must be the legal owner of the property
  • Owner/Developer must submit a prepared plan for redevelopment of the cleared site
  • Approved redevelopment plan must conform to all applicable Municipal Codes and Zoning requirements.
  • All proper permits must be obtained regardless of fee waiver
  • Existing structures must be considered “sub-standard” or “dilapidated” for fee waiver
  • Any demolition debris subject to the tipping fee waiver must be brought to the Maryville Transfer Station located at 1860 N. Main, Maryville, MO 64468
  • Waiver of tipping-fees for demolition debris may not exceed $20,000 per project
  • Redevelopment property must not have tax liens, utility fees, or civil penalties

Campus Town Redevelopment Incentive Program Details

CTRIP Application

Zoning Overlay Districts (Map)